Sanxuary was my first real band. Real in that we actually worked and got paid. The x in the name is there because a few months after we formed the band, another group called Sanctuary got signed out of the Seattle area. We didn’t want to ditch the name, so we just changed the spelling.

This is the EP created by the Maryland band Sanxuary in 1988.
Major Mit; Vocals
Will Dunn: Guitars and keyboards
Brandon Cristiano: Drums
Scott Ross: Bass

Additional b-vox by Dale Showalter / Keyboard and drum machine programming by Will Dunn / Engineered by Will Dunn / All music by W. Dunn / Lyrics by W. Dunn except We Rock On by Vyky Hall and Dream of Laughter by W. Dunn and T. Greiner. Recorded & mixed at Sherwood High School

Mr. Bill Evans / SHS / Barclay Management / the Cristiano family / Paul Betances / John Martese / Chris Evans / Walter Salb / the Dunn family

Karla Young (hair styling) / Don Greiner & the G P G / Frank “Laz” McDowell / Al B / Jimmy LaGrone / Chris and Bryan “Snatchfaster” Atwell / The Ale House / Rob Harvey / Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and ALL THE HEADBANGERS OF OLNEY…
All music copyright SnaxTime Music 1988.EP release date:31 March 1988