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Did this simple little logo in a few minutes...Do you get the stairs theme? Y'know, porch? We used to chill our butts on the concrete porch at my dad's house and jam the night away. (I've been scolded by some that say it was really just a "stoop" because it had no roof.)

Band Bio

It's time for something a little more relaxed, a little more informal. It's time for The Porch Boys.

The seeds that would someday grow into The Porch Boys were sown more than 10 years ago in the backyard of two very musical brothers: Don and Tim Greiner. Don and Tim loved two things: music and parties. So it was only natural to break out the acoustic guitar when their friends were over -- and it seemed like their friends were always over. After years of practice, they tried the idea in some local pubs and restaurants. They had no idea how well it would work! The Porch Boys' talent for making their audiences feel at home was amazing.

Now, with the help of new friends Ray Biba and Chris Hubbard, The Porch Boys are bringing the good times of those backyard days to more people than ever. The people want to relax and enjoy themselves. The Porch Boys deliver.

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Click here to see the Porch Boys Press Releases (We only had one!)

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